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DeFY Security assists businesses with specialized cyber security services and solutions. We work with our clients to manage their digital risks and to ensure their security strategy supports their business agility and growth objectives.

Security Strategy

DeFY has the expertise and range of technologies to create a security program you can count on to deliver the highest level of protection for your business and your customers.

We will work closely with you to gain insight into your specific needs because we believe in designing a strategy that not only protects your business but also enhances it and positions it for success.

Our Services

Managed Services

With 100% of our focus on cybersecurity, we stay ahead of new discoveries along the threat landscape and bring to the table the most innovative management and monitoring systems available to protect your business.

Let DeFY’s managed services assist your security team with making the right technology investments that deliver powerful security intelligence solutions and advanced detection analytics to minimize risk and damage.

Identity and Access Management

As a business in a world of ever-changing IAM technology and compliance requirements, you are continually challenged to examine and apply innovative solutions to minimize security risks that threaten your organization and its customers.

With 20+ years of experience and access to the most reliable technologies on the market, we stand ready to guide you through the complexities of cybersecurity and to develop the right strategy for your IAM objectives and overall business goals. 


DeFY can bring its 20+ years of cybersecurity knowledge directly to your team through custom-designed security training programs.

Available for both technical and non-technical employees, security training will go a long way to ensure the security of your internal work environment through security enhancement and awareness, best practices for minimizing risk, and compliance with security regulations.

Security Architecture Design

The complexities of security architecture continue to grow. Strategic planning, consultation, and design by focused, industry experts are critical to a successful infrastructure.

At DeFY, we meet your IT and structural security challenges with superior expertise and the best, most comprehensive technologies in the industry. We work with your team every step of the way from architecture risk assessment and security architecture design to implementation and monitoring.

Risk and Compliance

Minimizing risk requires us to be aware and informed all that threatens our business and our customers. But it also requires us to look, continually, at emerging threats.

At DeFY, we are 100% dedicated to the science of cybersecurity. You can count on the fact that the recommendations and industry-leading solutions we present are in compliance with the most current industry regulations and are informed by our depth and breadth of security expertise.

Incident Response

Part of a successful security program is minimizing risk. The other part is having a smart, strategic response to any incidents that arise despite our best efforts.

At DeFY, we can help your team develop an incident response program that minimizes damage and duration of the incident, factors in a prepared response team and accelerates recovery time through the acquisition and analysis of evidence.

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